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    Pumpkin pie in a glass dish. No crust. Whipped Creme. Guilty pleasure. Super soft. I buy the canned pumpkin pie mix. Follow easy directions. Bake. Let cool. Bury in whipped creme. Carry dish to the living room, eat with a fork. This really works for wisdom teeth.


    You can try these dishes/food:

    potatoes and veggies mashed together, white = potato with cauliflower, green = potato with kale or spinach, orange = potato with carrots and so on. A different color each day, a great way to may your kids eat veggies.

    • Milkshakes
    • Cottage cheese.
    • Egg salad, ham or turkey salad.
    • scrambled eggs, canned fruit, soup.
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    I lived off of Jello, So Delicious Coconut or Almond Ice Cream, Pudding, smoothies, and applesauce for a while. Scrambled eggs, baby dissolvable puff cereal (it's actually not bad and they have GF versions), Gatorade/Powerade, pureed soups, and mushy noodles with a smooth sauce were also good options for me.

    And what about broths with gluten-free noodles, Eggs, Mashed potatoes, Oatmeal, mashed veggies, yogurts, cottage cheese, ice cream, and ice pops.


    When I had them out, I eat lots of soups, different kinds of carrots, soups and even pea soup.

    I ate mashed potatoes with my mom's spinach mixture. One pack frozen spinach let cook till soft. Add egg and gluten-free bread crumbs. Mix take off the stove add to mashed potatoes and heat up as wanted.


    My daughter had hers done a week ago. She lived off smoothies w/protein powder added for the first few days. Then she had mashed potatoes and refried beans.

    Mashed potatoes, smoothies and scrambled eggs!! They were a lifesaver.

    Eat slowly, small amounts.

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