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    For Kids, there are many good options for Lunch and Snacks.

    Pasta, sushi, chickpea “chicken” salad sandwich, fried fish sandwich, fish sticks, and zucchini fries, soft tacos/burritos without cheese or with Go Veggie cheese.

    My son loves taking salads… usually I pack things separately and he puts them together at lunchtime. Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, olives, diced lunch meat or pepperoni.

    And then I add other items… apples, clementines, gluten-free Snyder’s pretzels, Gluten-Free Chex Mix, Jello cups, pudding cups (surprisingly most of them are dairy-free), etc.

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    Make her a Lunchables style meal in a bento box using gluten-free crackers, Daiya cheddar pieces, meat pieces, and a good gluten-free treat. Daiya pizza, Amy’s mac & cheese, chicken tenders, pancakes and sausages, pepperoni and melted Daiya cheese sandwich… some of the foods my son brings.

    For Lunch, you can also try:

    Gluten-Free quesadillas (spinach / cheese / artichoke / mushroom or pizza- sauce / mushroom / pepperoni / cheese / spinach), chicken salad roll-ups in lettuce or gluten-free torts, zucchini pizzas, quinoa stuffed mushrooms, gluten-free pasta salad (pepperoni, olives, mushroom, tomato), white bean burritos on gluten-free torts, raw veg and fruit plate, veg and hummus.

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